Thursday, October 24, 2013

Too Much to Ask?!

My brother-in-law lives in Portland.  When my wife and I have visited in the past we have patronized several incredible whiskey-serving establishments -- Pope House Bourbon Lounge, The Old Gold, Whiskey & Soda Lounge, Highland Stillhouse, Branch Whiskey Bar, and Southland Whiskey Kitchen to name a few -- truly, that's just a smattering.

Just one of the above, or any one of the numerous not-listed establishments would be all I'm hoping for in Phoenix.  Portland?  Portland has at least a dozen great whiskey bars, with a population 1/8th that of Phoenix.  Is that good enough for them?  Oh, no!  They have to go and one-up themselves and open the Multnomah Whiskey Library.

If you don't want to read the above article, here are the highlights: 1500 bottles (mostly whisk{e}y with some other quality beverages mixed in), and table-side service (presumably from one of the whiskey librarians).

When the Misses and I visit my brother-in-law for Thanksgiving, I will assuredly go to the library, "check out" a few selections, and update you all; I am confident that it will be at once one of the greatest whiskey days of my life and one of the worst.

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