I love whiskey in all of its forms.   Unfortunately, I live in a whiskey desert (as well as a literal desert).

My friends who live in LA, Chicago, and Portland all have several bars dedicated to whiskey nearby (which they love bragging about).  After I learned that I love whiskey I naturally started looking around for a whiskey bar in the Phoenix area.  When I couldn't find a whiskey-specific bar, I started looking for bars which at least had a decent selection of whiskies for a reasonable price.  Then, when I couldn't find that either, I finally resorted to going to liquor stores, reading extensive reviews, and taking the plunge in buying a bottle without having ever tasted its contents, to mixed results.

But the hunt continues -- I intend to visit at least a few bars and/or liquor stores each month, updating WhiskeyPhoenix with the results of these visits, and reviewing the various whiskies I try in the process.

I hope you'll join with me in my quest to find whiskey in the desert.